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    Thanks. I got it working by doing the following

        If IsNull(NumberProvider) OR IsEmpty(NumberProvider) OR Len(NumberProvider)=0  Then Exit For
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    If that's all your problem was, a better fix is just
         NumberProvider = Trim( Request.Form("NumberProvider" & row) )
         If Len(NumberProvider) = 0 Then
    TRIM() guarantees that you will get a NON-empty, NON-null value. If the form value really was empty or null, it converts it to a "" string. So now you can just ignore the empty and null test and check for the empty (length zero) string.

    In general, it's a good idea to use TRIM() on all human input. Humans do often put a space before or after their values, often by accident. So TRIM() tends to fix many problems easily.
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