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View Poll Results: userid or adding a number via a script read msg before doing poll

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    Lightbulb Useing userid or creating another!

    Looking for an opinion from anyone that would like to give it What was wondering is everytime you create a database file it ask for an autonumber file usually "userid" but for some reason or another I heard that its not very reliable where you could use a script that adds a number everytime to the database which would be more reliable the built in autonumber or adding a one to the next number on the next line both end up with the same result both database fields would show something like this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14.... in both

    Just looking for opinions and thoughts cause I know that when you remove a line in the database field it actually skips that number and goes with the next one so if you remove line 3 and then add one it wouldnt put line 3 it would put line 4 but with the script version it would still say 3????


    P.s. I hope this makes sense

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    I have always been using autonumber and have had not one single problem. (That hasn't been my code )

    People who try to tell you how horrible access connections are and that autonumbers are horrible are fools. (No offence to anyone from here who may say that )

    Some people just over react and exaggerate.
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