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    newbie help on refreshing page after selection from dropdown

    PHP Code:
    <?php echo $form['catcher_id']; //gives me the dropdown list
    $catcher_names =  explode(" ",$form['catcher_id']);          
    $catcher_names as $val)
                      if (
    $val == "zed-catcher") [COLOR="Red"]//not doing if cos page not refreshed with newley selected value[/COLOR]
    from what i know i have to refresh the page with the newley selected value and the check it...and how to go about this i need to use AJAX and or javascript

    i am reading up on it cos i am newbie at all of this...

    anybody to help me start on this/point me in the right direction/ explain what needs to be done please??? i dont know where to begin

    many thanks!

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    You could use the onChange event to trigger a refresh;

    e.g in your forms <select onChange="javascript:location.reload(true)">

    or you could use simple javascript to change the colour of the selected option, I don't know if you want the selected background or selected text red so both options are below

    To change background colour
    <select onChange="javascript:this.options[this.options.selectedIndex].style.background = 'red';">

    To change selected Text colour
    <select onChange="javascript:this.options[this.options.selectedIndex].style.color = 'red';">

    This might help, but it does have it's limitations!


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