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    having problem with adding class to obj

    i have a problem . when i select an item it's load with ajax i have div object with an Id attribute inside it . the id is retrieved from database an in foreach loop i iterate this div .

    {section name=all loop=$article }
    <div id="{$article[all].xarticleid}" style="cursor:pointer" onclick="get_article_body(this);" class="">
    ok . after i click the item it's fetch the article body from db an show it in another div . it's works . i want to change the div inside text each time it's select so i do that .

    // Function that starts the Ajax process:
    function get_article_body(obj) {
    if (ajax) {
    // Call the PHP script.
    // Use the GET method.
    // Pass the zip code in the URL.
    ajax.open('get', '../ajax/get_article_body.php?id=' + encodeURIComponent(obj.id));
    // Function that handles the response:
    ajax.onreadystatechange = handle_stores;
    // Send the request:
    return false;
    } else { // Can't use Ajax!
    return true;
    } // End of get_stores() function.
    // Function that handles the response from the PHP script:
    function handle_stores() {
    document.getElementById('desc').innerHTML = '<div align="right"><img src="../images/loading.gif"> &nbsp;Loading Content ...</div>';
    // If everything's OK:
    if ( (ajax.readyState == 4) && (ajax.status == 200) ) {
    // Check the length of the response:
    if (ajax.responseText.length > 10) {
    // Send the response, in object form,
    // to the show_stores() function:
    show_stores(eval('(' + ajax.responseText + ')'));
    } else {
    document.getElementById('desc').innerHTML = 'Loading Content ...<img src="loading.gif">';
    } // End of handle_stores() function.
    // Function that shows the list of stores:
    function show_stores(stores) {
    // Initialize a string:
    var message = '';
    // Get each store:
    for (var i = 0 ; i < stores.length ; i++) {
    // Add to the string:
    message +=
    '<p>' + stores[i].articlebody + '<br />'
    // Place the string in the page:
    document.getElementById('desc').innerHTML = message;
    } // End of show_stores() function.
    but i got an error . and when i get rid of that line (obj.addClass('Ared')) it's works fine again .

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    Quote Originally Posted by mehdi_php View Post
    but i got an error . and when i get rid of that line (obj.addClass('Ared')) it's works fine again .
    whatever gave you the idea that addClass is a method defined on a div element? you have to user the className property to set the class
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